• Madison Area Sheet Metal Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee

The Process

1.  How do I apply?

Download the Apprenticeship application below:

PDF Version:

Word Version:

If you’re unable to access the online application, contact Madison Area Sheet Metal JATC at (608) 220-4546 and leave your name and address or e-mail us at coordinator@madisonsmjatc.org.  The application will be sent to you.

2.  What do I do after I receive the application?

Review the Informational page on this site.  It contains all of the information you need to to complete the application process.  Fill out the application accordingly.

3.  When can I take the test?

In order to take the test you will need the Test Authorization Sheet.  You will need to have this sheet with you when you take the Accuplacer test.  You can take the test at any time if you have this Authorization Sheet with you.  Contact the JATC office to obtain this Authorization Sheet. either by e-mail or by phone.

We STRONGLY recommend that you take the Accuplacer Sample test available on the web at the following link below:


Refer to the Test page for more information regarding the tests.

4.  What if I feel I need tutoring prior to taking the test?

We STRONGLY recommend that EVERYONE who wants to prepare themselves for the test or need assistance in meeting the necessary qualifications contact BIG STEP at (608) 255-0155.

5.  What should I do with the completed application?

In order to process your application we will need the completed application with all of the required documents requested on the Informational page AND your Accuplacer test scores.  Then turn them in to the JATC office and you will be contacted regarding your results.

*NOTE- The Accuplacer test is not necessary if you have taken the ACT test within the last five (5) years and also received the following minimum scores: Reading-15 Mathematics- 16.