• Madison Area Sheet Metal Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee

Taking the Tests

Please call 608.220.4546 or e-mail coordinator@madisonsmjatc.org to obtain the Test Authorization Sheet.

The aptitude tests are administered by BigStep & the Madison Sheet Metal Training Center.  These are not tests of your knowledge of sheet metal work.  They are tests of your basic skills and aptitude. The Accuplacer tests will measure three areas:  Reading Comprehension, Arithmetic, and Elementary Algebra.  These tests are not timed.  You will need to schedule an appointment to take the test with the Madison Coordinator or with BigStep Candy Guerra cguerra@wrtp.org 608-579-9514 or Stephanie Moreno smoreno@wrtp.org 608-419-0325  You will receive your test scores immediately after taking the test.  If you have not passed the required portions of the test (Reading – 244 minimum, Arithmetic – 250 minimum, QAS or Elementary Algebra – 235 minimum) you will need to retest in those areas. If you have taken the ACT’s within the last 5 years of when you have filled out your application and have scored 15 in reading or above and 16 in Math or above it would not be necessary to take the Accuplacer 

We strongly recommend that you take the Accuplacer Sample Test available at the following link prior to scheduling the actual test:


Failing the Test
If you do not get the minimum required scores on one or more parts of the test:

a.   You must receive tutoring in the portions of the test that you have failed before you can be allowed to retest.
b.   You only need to retake the portions of the test you failed.
c.   Retesting can only be scheduled through this office.  You cannot schedule your own test.

Applicants who pass the test will be scheduled to attend the monthly JATC meeting to receive their Letter of Introduction.  You are now eligible to become an apprentice!